March 30, 2018

Entos and Oisin Bio Announce Fusogenix License for SENSOlytics™

Published by:
Entos Pharmaceuticals

Oisin Biotechnologies Uses Entos’ Fusogenix LNP Platform in their ground-breaking SENSOlytics™ technology

June 2018: Targeting and destroying senescent cells with a senolytic drug that leaves all other cells undamaged, may be the most effective way to dramatically increase the human health span and lifespan. OisinBiotechnologies has a novel, programmable senolytic suicide gene therapy, but no way to safely administer it using currently available delivery methods. Entos has a novel delivery nanoparticle with a patented fusogenic protein formulation promoting highly effective fusion with target cells, that is well-tolerated and has a wide biodistribution in vivo.

With the licensing deal in place, Entos and Oisin combined these two technologies to create Oisin’s proprietary SENSOlytics™ platform; a highly efficient, precise targeting of senescent cells based on their unique gene expression profile. The SENSOlytics™ suicide gene therapy has proven to be well-tolerated, can be dosed repeatedly at high concentrations, and can target extra-hepatic regions, as well as the liver.

Read an interview with Gary Hudson, CEO ofOisin.


Listen to Stephen Hilbert, head of corporate development for Oisin Biotechnologies, talk at the Ending Age-Related Diseases 2018 conference at the Cooper Union, New York City.

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