Next-Generation Drug Delivery

We develop next generation nucleic acid-based therapies using our proprietary Fusogenix drug delivery system.

Fusogenix uses a novel mechanism of action to deliver molecules, intact and unmodified, directly into the cytosol of target cells. The technology is applicable to a wide range of nucleic acid medicines.


Enabling tomorrow’s Nanomedicines

Fusogenix is the ideal platform for delivery of next generation genetic therapies.

Unlike conventional lipid-based delivery, Fusogenix is well tolerated at high systemic doses, and retains maximal activity with repeat dosing. Entos has developed unique formulations to effectively deliver a wide range of genetic therapies, including gene therapy, mRNA, miRNA, RNAi and CRISPR.


Delivery of nanomedicines throughout the body

Fusogenix has a wide biodistribution across all organs and tissues.

Due to the unique biophysical and chemical properties of Fusogenix a wide variety of extra-hepatic tissues can be effectively targeted at therapeutic doses. Entos has developed a panel of formulations to accurately target specific tissues.

Intracellular Delivery by Direct Fusion

Fusogenix uses a novel fusion mechanism to deliver its payload directly inside cells.

Our proprietary FAST (Fusion-Associated Small Transmembrane) protein technology enables fusion of the proteo-lipid vehicle with the plasma membrane of target cells. Nucleic acid cargoes are delivered intact into the cytoplasm for immediate use as a therapeutic agent.

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