Enabling Tomorrow’s Nanomedicines

We develop next generation genetic therapies using our Fusogenix PLV nucleic acid delivery platform.

Entos Pharmaceuticals


John D. Lewis, Ph.D

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lewis is the Bird Dogs Chair in Translational Oncology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. As a scientist and serial entrepreneur, he pioneered the use of intravital imaging in the in vivo study of tumour cell invasion and metastasis to discover key targets for cancer therapeutics. Dr. Lewis also develops novel nanotechnology, nanoparticle drug delivery technologies, and imaging-based treatments for chronic diseases, such as aging and cancer, as well as for early detection of cancers. Dr. Lewis trained at The Scripps Research Institute and received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Victoria.


Arun Raturi, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Arun Raturi has over 12 years of biopharma industry experience developing, characterizing, and manufacturing pharmaceutics and biologics. He is the lead researcher in the development and validation of Entos' Fusogenix PLV platform and the inventor of key Entos intellectual property for drug delivery. Dr. Raturi developed fluorogenic-chromogenic screening and neutralizing assays as well as cell-based assays for cancer drugs with Intas Biopharmaceuticals. Dr. Raturi trained at The Scripps Research Institute and received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Windsor.


Steve Chen, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Steve Chen has 20 years of academic research and pharmaceutical biotechnology experience across multiple therapeutic areas. He served as the CMO of Cellics Therapeutics and has held leadership positions at La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, Takeda, Eli Lilly and Company, and Amylin Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Chen also led the clinical research unit at the Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA and was a staff physician for emergency medicine at West Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Hospital. He obtained his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and his B.Sc. and B.A. degrees in Bioengineering and Chinese Studies from UC San Diego.


Jason Ding, FCPA, FCA

Chief Business Officer

Mr. Jason Ding has almost 20 years of financial and transactional expertise in the life science and healthcare industry. He has served as a Partner and Senior Managing Director in Deloitte’s investment banking practice and as a National Life Sciences & Healthcare Transactions Leader spearheading transactions with a cumulative value of over $1.5 billion in the last two years. Mr. Ding worked with start-ups, large public companies, and global consulting companies and has been an investor and a Board member for numerous life science and industry organizations. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta (FCPA, FCA), a Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), received ICD.D designation with the Institute of Corporate Directors, and BSc. and BCom. from the University of Alberta.


Roy Duncan, PhD

Founder and Board Member

Dr. Roy Duncan has many years of experience studying viral fusion proteins as a Professor and Killam Chair at Dalhousie University and is well known and respected internationally as an expert in the field. Dr. Duncan is also the founder and chief executive officer of Fusogenix Inc. Roy Duncan has published extensively on protein trafficking, unconventional secretion pathways, cancer cell migration, cell to cell fusion mechanisms and FAST proteins. Roy Duncan received his Ph.D. from Guelph University.


Andries Zijlstra, PhD

Founder and Board Member

Dr. Andries Zijlstra is a Principal Scientist at Genentech and Adjunct Professor of Pathology and Cancer Biology at Vanderbilt University. As an empirical scientist and intrepid entrepreneur, he pursues research in the mechanistic underpinnings of cancer and the development of biomarkers and clinically viable interventions for cancer metastasis. Dr. Zijlstra leverages computational solutions to interrogate single-cell data and multi-parametric data from biological systems. Dr. Zijlstra trained at the Scripps Research Institute and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics and Cell Biology from Washington State University.


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